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  • Remove Chronic Pain Permanently within a few sessions
  • Use the Body Code 2.0 to create Abundance, Enhance Relationships, and align yourself with your True Self






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Whatever brought you here has everything to do with your openness to take the next step to a better life.

 If we were digging deep inside and went beyond our bones, beyond our atoms, we would understand that we are all made up of Energy. What if I told you that you had trapped emotions within you that are holding you back from your full potential? Perhaps you didn't know better; you were just overwhelmed with a unique emotion, and now that negative emotion is trapped within you. What if we also told you that a very impactful negative moment triggered a wall around your heart which kept you from finding your mission, feeling love, giving love, and prevented you from success?


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WHO IS Emanuel Zevallos CECP, BECP?

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I had many things that pressed me to my calling as an Emotion Code Practitioner. The search for finding the root of people’s suffering came from my lack of understanding about my OWN suffering. I was called melancholic, was personally bullied many times over, and was taken to psychologists because my parents couldn’t figure out why I acted the way I did.

My parents later divorced after 30 years which made me question the validity of relationships and marriages. Why do people hold on to something that will inevitably lead to a fallout?

My mother who was an Oncologist passed away from Pancreatic Cancer in 2011. I discovered in her last months that she believed she wasn’t good enough from childhood programming. This was the second thing that pressed my subconscious.

Lastly, I began working a business where seventy percent of the marketing field would walk away from a perfect opportunity. As my company at the time told us to focus on the thirty percent that stayed, I had thousands of restless nights where all I could think about were the ones that left. This was the third thing that pressed on my mind and heart.

As I was seeking for answers for these three questions, I was searching for a new book to read. The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson came to me and ALL my questions were answered. The Emotion Code is the most Life-Changing discovery I have ever seen!
As Emotion Code Practitioner we don’t follow the world in treating symptoms. The pharmaceutical industry has done a fine job masking when we are crashing and burning. We are in need of more people realizing there is better way by using the Emotion Code and by removing imbalances.
— Emanuel Zevallos; CECP, CBCP
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Hello everybody, I just had a session with Emanuel, it was very enthralling and pretty incredible at the same time. We worked on some pain I was dealing with in my back and arm, which I hardly ever have, but after the session, it completely disappeared. I am looking forward to learning more about this type of healing. Thank you, Emanuel.
— Roxana S; Los Angeles, CA.
I participated in having my trapped emotions released. I’ve been experiencing pain in my feet and legs for about four years. Some days I was in so much pain that I became I was bedridden. During my session, Emanuel showed sincere concern for my condition. I felt comfortable and safe. When my session was complete, I felt so alive, and I’m able to feel joy again! Emanuel is truly a blessing.
— Gina H; Moreno Valley, CA
I was blessed to do a consultation with Emanuel where he was able to help me release five trapped emotions. He also found out that I have 7500 feet of concrete as my heart wall. Since having these trapped emotions released, I feel more confident, more clarity, lighter, and closer to God. I know I still have more work to do and looking forward to working with Emanuel shortly! Thank you for being a blessing and for your heart to serve others! God bless you!
— Christina N; Anaheim, CA.

What is the Emotion Code?

Dr. Bradley Nelson created the Emotion Code and Body Code and is now being recognized as the most cutting edge technology to release pain, remove trapped emotions, and create a balance in the body. Trapped Emotions are negative energies the size of a tennis ball lodged near an organ or in the cavity of the body. Using the knowledge received from applied kinesiology, intention, and magnets, the Emotion Code can assist anyone in finding and releasing trapped emotions within the body of the client and figure out what age they created them. After releasing these emotions, they were able to lose the pain immediately or in a few short days. Also, removing these emotions they acquired, they tend to be easily provoked to react in those negative emotions that have been extracted. The greatest discovery in Energy Healing is the discovery of the Heart Wall.  The heart wall is when our heart created a wall to prevent you from having a broken heart. Most people are unaware that although the heart wall was beneficial, it has cause them pain since. It prevents people from finding their mission, feeling love, giving pure loves messages, and having them attains success.